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South African master impressionist, Adriaan Boshoff suffered a very unconventional childhood, being orphaned at a young age. As with most artists of his caliber, life could not inhibit the expression of the artistic soul thou. Qualified at 14 as an electrician, the force of soul overcame all obstacles and by 1960 he was painting full time. As he had the inherent ability to turn South African scenes into universal realities, he traveled and moved home continuously and his children were sometimes placed in 4 different schools, in a year. Up until the day before his death, he insisted that the next painting was going to be the best. This is the mark of the Real artist.

Adriaan was a self taught artist. South Africa is a country with some world class painters but his life did unfortunately not coincide with theirs. Technically he was a perfectionist as well and did hundreds of experiments with his mediums by himself. I know that he even tested the temperatures that different paints could withstand. 

Adriaan spent long periods of time developing his themes and specific paintings. The mark of The Master. The manifestation of his conceptual abilities were enhanced by his tireless work ethic and insistence on thorough preparations. He managed a wide field of themes, would do vast amounts of preparatory studies, mostly selecting only three from the concept and turn them into oils of different sizes, from small to up to 9 ft x 9ft canvasses. I personally suspect that this is what put him into an international category of his own and will eventually earn him recognition among the greatest, in terms of quality and value. 

The following are a number of works available that will illustrate what I have written.